Simple (and fun) 360 feedback process

In the last year, I’ve been testing a new feedback meeting style that is surprisingly valuable. The meeting is intense, but it energizes me and gives me a team-feeling that will last for days. Additionally, I get an idea of what I need to tackle at work in the next months. I’m happy with these outcomes so I’ve written down the guidelines that I use during the meetings. Maybe you can use them at work too.

This style of 360 feedback is the simplest, most fun and most revealing version of feedback that I know of. The credit of coming up with it goes to one of my previous scrum masters: Caroline Fidelaire.

I’m sharing this post and these slides because I wasn’t able to find them anywhere online while I was preparing for a recent 360 feedback session. I found plenty of articles about it, but nothing straight to the point.

The intention of the session is to gather as much feedback from your colleagues as possible in the easiest way possible. It’s like going out for beers with your team, but different ;).

I hope that the slides are self-explanatory and that they will serve as a good baseline when you do your own 360 feedback sessions. Good luck and have fun!

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