Setting up a “fresh” MacBook

Only for developers that use macOS…

Setting up a “fresh” laptop for development is always painful, be it windows, macOS or Linux.

It’s the second time in the last year when I do a fresh install of macOS on my MacBook. I’m tired of installing all the apps that I need in one-by-one fashion. I’m tired of doing all the small configurations (for macOS and for the apps). Most of the time I forget some of them and there are a couple of settings for which I have to search online.

I start off by making a list of settings and application that I use and then I discover that most of these things can be automated via the command line. I’m sure that someone did this before me and I start searching for some scripts that automate the installation of the development environment on a MacBook. I hit jackpot.

Using a couple of GitHub repositories as inspiration, I create a couple of simple scripts that should install almost everything that’s required for development on a MacBook. The scripts and the instructions are available here:

I’m curious how much it will hurt the next time that I have to set up a development MacBook.

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