Interview refresher for software engineering

Are you looking for a new job? And do you think that your day-to-day “in the trenches” experience as a software engineer will be enough to get you through the interview process? I thought so too, but I was proven wrong.

In my interviewing experience, technical interviews are more about algorithms and data structures than the typical daily activities of a software engineer. And, depending on the domain, you might get asked about specific design/architecture patterns.

In this article, I’ve made a summary of the references that gave my memory a nudge.

Decomposing the interview process

  • -> this was my bible while I was preparing for the interview

Hacking algorhitms


Architecture refresher

  • Martin Fowler’s writing is clear, thoughtful and insightful.
  • -> The basics of scaling your app as the load grows.
  • -> basic summaries of pros and cons for REST vs event-driven communication.
  • -> More about modern scalable web architecture, with really good references.
  • -> scaling the AWS way.
  • JWT basics
  • Microservice patterns

Case studies for System design

  • -> Tinder system design. You can find more system designs on that channel.
  • -> a course on system design.

SQL and ORM refresher

  • Eager vs lazy initialization:
  • Concurrency control:

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