I write about techniques, tools and communication strategies that make a software engineer’s work-life pleasant and productive. I believe that these are basic requirements for writing good quality code.

Why I write

  • I write it for myself, so I don’t lose valuable information that I’ve learned or when I put together a combination of StackOverflow answers in a complete example.
  • I write for others that might find themselves in my above position 
  • I write because it sharpens and clarifies my thinking
  • I write it to make a voice for myself in the world. I only have a couple of ideas (most of them not mine) that I strongly believe in and that are worth sharing. Maybe sharing them would not be necessary, if there wouldn’t be so many bad ideas out there also. This creates a strange situation: all ideas compete for attention, but only a few can make it. I think that, eventually, good ideas will prevail. In the meantime, having a voice will spread ideas faster. And yes, it boils down to popularity, but popularity is not the end goal. Patrick Winston is my inspiration for this argument.
  • There’s one main reason for which I attach my real name to what I publish (and boy, it sounds so fancy when I write it like that). That reason: so people can find me easier. Since some of my core values are sharing and contributing, I don’t want my anonymity to be an extra obstacle to reaching out or starting a conversation. People are busy enough 🙂

View my resume or contact me at me at horiaconstantin dot com.