Architecture refresher after too much coding

Do you forget about architecture after too much coding? I know the feeling. After a long time of implementing features and seldom touching on the application architecture, I need a refresher on some basic concepts. In this article, I'm making a summary of references that gave my memory a nudge: -> I'm a big … Continue reading Architecture refresher after too much coding

Interpersonal communication skills

I imagine that the article about Interpersonal Communication Coaching left unclarity about what some of these skills are and how they can be used to contribute to making your life more wonderful. Fundamentally, these skills fall under the broad category of Emotional Intelligence. Let me enumerate some of these skills, that I use every day, … Continue reading Interpersonal communication skills

Interpersonal Communication Coaching

This article in a paragraph I'm feeling excited about shifting my focus from software engineering towards Interpersonal Communication Coaching. This means that I'll spend more and more time enabling people to have more effective conversations. We'll do this by training the "communication skills muscle" to a level that will allow anyone to handle their difficult … Continue reading Interpersonal Communication Coaching

TLDR – The DevOps Conference 2021

Last week I attended The DevOps conference 2021. I took away a couple of resources that everyone can use, and I wanted to share them with you hoping that they might contribute to your DevOps inspiration. AWS recently released an alternative to the Netflix simian army: Hung, one of the leaders of the Cloud … Continue reading TLDR – The DevOps Conference 2021

CITCON 2020, a virtual unconference Have you heard about open-spaces before? Have you ever been to an unconference? If yes, find something else to read. Otherwise, keep on reading. I'm going to describe how I experienced a virtual unconference I recently attended. By the end, you will have some good reasons to join one. What is an unconference? I've … Continue reading CITCON 2020, a virtual unconference

A framework for handling difficult conversations

Communication is one of the few skills for which the return of investment is immediate, applies to all areas of life and compounds over time.personal insight For a couple of months, difficult conversations have been a topic of great interest to me. The way I used to handle them is to go into conflict avoidance … Continue reading A framework for handling difficult conversations

Checklist for learning Scala Learning Scala doesn't have to be painful. In a previous article, I proposed the use of a checklist to give structure to learning a new programming language. My intention with this article is to demonstrate how to use a checklist to learn scala. The checklist Mindset Personal why's for learning Scala: I've wanted to … Continue reading Checklist for learning Scala

Checklist for learning a new programming language

Update 22/01/2020: I've applied the checklist to learning Scala and I'm updating it based on that experience. In a workshop that I recently gave, I compared learning a new programming language with learning a new natural language. Depending on your experience, learning a new programming language might be a medium difficulty task or a hard … Continue reading Checklist for learning a new programming language

Unit testing algorithms

In the last weeks, I've been improving my computer science knowledge by solving programming problems. Since these problems have multiple solutions, I find myself writing duplicated unit tests. And refactoring these tests is cumbersome (if find&replace doesn't work). To make the point clear, I'm going to pick a problem with many possible implementations: sorting an … Continue reading Unit testing algorithms